Jilly's 11 inch Tart

One 11" tart will feed 10-12 depending on desired portion size. Ready in two days.


Jilly’s Orignial Tart - Blue/Raspberry

Raspberries & blueberries and a pinch of love with a buttery crust!

Creamy White Chocolate Raspberry

Creamy White Chocolate with a hint of Rasberry 

Luscious Chocolate

Creamy chocolatey goodness with a chocolate graham cracker crust.

Chocolate Raspberry

Divine "Lucious Chocolate" tart with a hint of raspberry


A burst of lemony sunshine with a buttery crust

Newest Flavor Addition: Peanut Butter Chocolate Tart

Creamy peanut butter filling sandwiched between a luscious chocolate filling and a chocolate cookie crust

Pumpkin Cream Cheese

Pumpkin and sweet creamy, cheese filling

Key Lime

Sweet and tarty lime with a graham cracker crust

Jilly's 11 inch Tart

  • NOT made in a Gluten Free Kitchen. Chocolate Cookie Crust NOT available with gluten free ingredients.