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Jilly's Story

Jilly's Tarts founder Jill McClure has a passion for tarteenies and other homemade baked goods.

Jilly’s Tarts are scrumptious mini tarts with “can’t get enough of that cream cheese frosting,” and 9" and 11" tarts decorated to grace any table and sure to put a smile on your face.

Mmmm…..the smell of fresh baked bread, bacon and coffee!  Welcome to Jilly's grandparent’s house!  Grandad made the savory and Grama made the sweet!  Hailing from a long line of scratch bakers, applesauce makers and good old country farmhouse cooking, Jilly has an innate desire to create "out of this world" sweet treats with the freshest, finest ingredients and always with a sprinkle of love. She equates baking and cooking with family, love, hugs, sharing, giggles and smiles!  From her sweet mama’s cookie jar filled with peanut butter and chocolate swirl cookies to her Auntie Carol’s fresh scratch baked berry tart, Jilly was hooked!    


She can probably still recite the Toll House Cookie recipe and Scotcheroo ingredients, due to her baking them with great frequency throughout her childhood.  That was just the beginning of Jilly's lifelong love and passion for baking and creating deliciousdacious pieces of heaven!   


Linda G.

I first tasted one of Jilly's tarts when I was lucky enough to receive one from her as a gift!  Oh my goodness!  And goodness is what it was!  I would always pass on desserts until I tasted her tarts!  Not just her classic fruit tart, but all of them!!  I couldn't get enough!  The freshness, the crust, the beautiful presentation!!!  I would bring them to friend, who in turn also fell in love with her mouthwatering works of art!  My family can't get enough!!  We love them! 

Robert B.

I always give Jilly's tarts to my corporate clients as a thank you for their business.  It is a welcomed gift.

Heather B.

I'm a lemon dessert connoisseur and Jilly's is by far my favorite.  No more birthday cake for me. Jilly's lemon tart it is!

Stella W.

 Jilly's tarts are truly the best!  Because I couldn't decide from all of the delicious flavors, I chose a variety of the tartinis and displayed them as our centerpiece at our daughter's graduation party.  They looked too beautiful to eat, but were enjoyed by all, down to the last one. No leftovers! 


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